Clarity is key

…to telling the story of the good work you do in the world.

To get the results you want, your communications about that good work must be consistent and crystal-clear.

Know exactly what benefit you bring. Know exactly who you’re speaking to. Know exactly how to speak to them about it.

That kind of clarity doesn’t work as an afterthought. It comes before you update the marketing plan, create that new website or write your next blog article.

Ready to get clear and get results? Let’s get started…

Working with Lisa has been a very smooth experience and one that has increased the level of professionalism, authenticity and naturally also the native English that was needed. Lisa approaches her tasks with a powerful combination of an open mind and a customer-centered and customer’s-customer-focus. In this way, having contracted Lisa has increased our market and customer insight and heightened and tightened We Don’t Have Time’s level of communication, as well as added an external eye on things our organisation may have taken for granted.

She’s a an excellent copywriter, and I hold her to be equally skilled in environmental and climate communication. She always delivers on time and has the foresight and insight of a professional marketing strategist well needed in a small but growing team. On a more personal note I like Lisa’s warm and fun personality.

Mårten Thorslund — Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer, We Don’t Have Time

“When Lisa joined Team Uplevel, we needed someone who could jump in with both feet, understand and implement our marketing goals without a lot of hand-holding, as well as move some copywriting off my plate.

Almost instantly, Lisa became a valued connector, with quick turnarounds on the copy and program content we needed, as well as a diligent focus on the end product.  She played a critical role in the success of the launch of a new online membership program – Uplevel Cafe – and kept us all on track to hit deadlines and milestones in its first year.  Lisa is a remarkable writer and marketer, and never misses a deadline or drops a ball. She delivers the goods and will keep you on track with your goals and dreams in focus!”

Christine Kane — Founder and CEO, Uplevel You