Writing and marketing with integrity

Marketing is virtually everything you do in your business. Make sure it reflects the high integrity of your business model.

Lisa brings insight and care to your business as she helps you craft your end goals and the specific steps that must be taken to get there. She offers marketing strategy and implementation—including expert copywriting and article writing—depending on your needs.

Her offerings include:

  • Copywriting and skillful content creation that offers valuable information to your specific audience, motivating them to take the action you want them to take.
  • Strategic marketing planning with clear, specific action steps to reach the exact results you want in your business. With Lisa you’ll outline the most effective steps for your business within the limitations you may have…then implement them.
  • Marketing project management so you can finally relax, step back from some of your project’s time-consuming details and invest your creative energy where you most want it to be.
  • Strategic marketing guidance and support, with Lisa as a remote, expert team member who can get and keep you focused on your marketing strategies.